Water Utilities

Utility Console
Water Utilities can view Cross-Connection Control data by logging into their Water Utility Console / Dashboard.


Water Customers

Registered Testers
Water customers can find registered testers by clicking on "Registered Testers".


My Backflow

Water customers can see when their backflow preventers are due and who the last tester was.
Click on "My Backflow" and enter your Site ID and Address (number only).

Backflow Hazard: Cross Connection via Hose

At Aqua Backflow, water safety is our top priority. What appears to be a harmless garden hose connection on the right, creates a dangerous cross connection between potable and non-potable water.

"How often does a backflow incident actually occur?" is a question that is often asked. To answer this and similar questions or concerns, Aqua Backflow maintains an educational site for Backflow Cases.

To view Backflow Cases in the news, as well as pertinent images and videos, please visit the Backflow Cases web site.


Aqua Backflow


As a fully licensed, bonded, insured, and experienced contractor, Aqua Backflow is a trusted provider of complete, efficient, and thorough turn-key backflow prevention and FOG systems to municipal, industrial and commercial clients. Aqua Backflow also offers pick-and-choose tasks if you only need assistance with portions of your program.